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Follow the instructions below to change the registrant details of an active domain name.

  1. Login to with your details
  2. Visit the Domains page via Domains->My Domains link on the submenu
  3. Click on arrow beside the Manage Domain button at the right-hand corner of the domain you would like to edit and choose the Edit Contact Information link
  4. You may now edit the Contact Details and save changes by clicking the Save Changes button

You may send a mail to if you are having issues with this.

  1. Login to your clientarea
  2. Click on Domains->My Domains menu item
  3. Click on Manage Domain beside the domain you would like to work on
  4. Click on the Nameservers tab
  5. Enter your nameservers and choose “Use custom nameservers (enter below)” option
  6. Click on the Change Nameservers button

If your domain name is .ng domain name, you would have to remove the registrar lock before you can change the nameservers of the domain. To do this, click on Registrar Lock on the domain management page and disable the registrar lock.

If you are having any problems changing your nameserver, send us a mail at

You may manage the DNS of a domain without a hosting account by following the steps below

  • Login to your clientarea
  • Before you can add your zone, you have to ensure that the nameservers of your domain point to and
  • Click on Domains -> Manage DNS on the secondary menu bar
  • You may click the Add zone button to add a zone. (If you have already added a zone, you may click the Edit link to manage the zone).
  • Enter the domain name and the IP address you will like to point the domain to.
  • On the next page, you may add or modify the zone of your domain name

If you already have a hosting account for your domain, simply log in to the cPanel via yourdomain/cpanel and click on Zone Editor to manage the DNS of your domain.

If you have any issues with this, simply send a mail to

To redirect a site, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Ensure the domain points to the hosting account with us
  2. Login to your cPanel, search for alias to add the domain
  3. While logged into cPanel, search for redirect under Domains
  4. Click on the main domain name from the drop down
  5. Add the new domain name/ URL you wish to redirect.
  6. The parked domain name will be redirected to the main site which is also the primary domain name.

Domain name registration is the process of purchasing a domain name from a domain registrar.

There are different types of domain names but the most common one is Generic top-level domains (gTLDs)while we have.NG domains and Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs)

Find below some terminologies for registering a domain:

  • Duration: This is the maximum period a domain can be registered with a registrar.
  • Domain Name Length: This is the maximum number of characters a domain name can have.
  • 60 Day Transfer Lock: This is the number of days a domain name cannot be transferred to a new registrar after registration.
  • Name Servers For Zone Delegation: This is the minimum number of nameservers your hosting provider can assign to a domain name.

Below is an overview of the lifecycle of a domain


Most gTLDs domain names such as .com, .net, .org etc.. can be registered for a period (1-5 years) or more in some cases. Once the domain expires, it enters the Auto-Renew Grace Period (0-29 days)  when the domain name can only be renewed but not transferred to another registrar, followed by a 30-day Redemption Grace Period (also known as Pending Delete Restorable) when all services associated with the domain name (eg. DNS, website, emails) will automatically not be available but the domain can still be renewed at an additional cost. At the end of the Redemption Grace Period, it enters into a 5-7 day pending delete period at this stage, the domain name can no longer be renewed. After this period, the domain will be available to the general public for fresh registration on “First come First serve basis”.


Most .NG domain names available can be registered for a period (1-5 years). Once the domain expires, it enters Renewal Grace Period (0-60 days) when the domain name can only be renewed but not transferred to another registrar, followed by a 28-day Redemption Period (also known as Pending Delete Restorable) when all services associated with the domain name (eg. DNS, website, emails) will automatically not be available but the domain can still be renewed at an additional cost. At the end of the Redemption Period, it will enter into a 14-day Pending Purge period but the domain name can still be renewed or recovered. After this period, if the domain is not renewed, it will be available to the general public for fresh registration on “First come First serve basis”. Unfortunately, there is no grace period.


Before most ccTLDs expire, it is required by the registry that you pay for the domain renewal fees in advance regardless of the domain name expiration date. This is because immediately it expires, it enters into a redemption period when all services associated with the domain name (eg. DNS, website, emails) will automatically not be available but the domain can still be renewed at an additional cost. After this period, the domain will then be available to the general public for re-registration on “First come First serve basis”. Unfortunately, there is no grace period.

 In Summary,

NG ccTLDs.gTLDs,,, .org, .net, .biz, .info, ,name
Registration Period1-5 years1-5 years
ExpirationThe day registration period elapsesThe day registration period elapses
Auto-Renew Grace Period0-60 days0-29 days (may be more for some TLDs)
Redemption Grace Period28 days30 days
Pending Purge/Delete14 days5-7 days

The SLD is a closed one and reserved ONLY for tertiary academic institutions approved and accredited by relevant authorities in Nigeria by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC),  National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), NCCE and any other body recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

All registrations on the SLD would be at the third level. Various departments or institutions under the qualifying institution may then be subdomains and NOT full domains.

To register a domain, send us a mail with the following:

– A scanned copy of the certificate of accreditation by relevant authorities or any other document that proves that the tertiary institution has been registered. – A scanned copy of a letter on the letterhead of the institution authorizing a member of staff to register the domain on behalf of the institution. This letter should contain the full name, email address, designation, phone number and contact address of this member of staff The authorization letter must be signed by the head of the institution or the next officer in the hierarchy.

A valid domain name character is that which contains a set of alphanumeric ASCII characters (i.e., a-z, A-Z), numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination all of these. It’s a domain name that has the valid characters and length. It mostly has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters.

Characters & valid characters’ lengths for Domain names

For domain names to be valid, domain names MUST:

  • have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters;

  • begin with a letter or a number and end with a letter or a number;

  • use the English character set and may contain letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z), numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these;

  • neither begin with nor end with a dash (-);

  • not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab-;

  • not include a space (e.g. www.ab;

  • not include underscore (e.g

Note: The registration of 2-character and single character domains is yet to be open up to the general public and are all tagged as premium domain names which are highly costly and you may not necessarily wait for a bidding process as it could be obtained at the Buy Now Bid price.


Most African ccTLDs require a minimum of 4 characters before they can be registered.

Some domains may require additional documentation before they can be registered and it can take more than a week to be registered.

  • An expired domain may show an advertisement page as the page content. If you eventually renew such domains names, it will take days for it to propagate and load.
  • All services associated with the domain name (eg. DNS, website, emails) will automatically not be available.
  • Some domain extensions cannot be renewed once they expire
  • Some domain extensions have 29 days grace period (renewal period) renew it at the regular price.
  • Some domain extensions have 30 days grace period after expiration. This is referred to as the redemption period, but it may cost as much as N30,000 or more depending on the domain extension.
If your domain is still not renewed after the redemption period, it then enters into a pending delete period of 5 days. At this stage, you can no longer renew it and you risk losing the domain to another buyer. it will be available for fresh registration.
Note: These rules do not apply to .NG domains extensions.

ICANN has implemented a new Domain modification Policy which affects all ICANN-accredited registrars. We can process the change on your behalf, on receipt of the following verification documents.

Kindly send us a mail to

To move a domain or service from one Hostlag account to another:

  •   You do not need an EPP code.
  •  The recipient must be a client with us.
  •  Send an email to from the registered email address in your client account, stating the service you wish to move and the email address of the recipient.

Click here if you also want to transfer your domain name to Hostlag.

Before proceeding with your domain transfer, you need to  ensure the following are in place:

  1. Provide us with your EPP code. You will be required to contact your current registrar to get this information.
  2. The registrant email address associated with your domain must be correct and functional. During the transfer process, an authorization email will be sent and the registrant will be required to click on the authorization link to begin the transfer process.
  3. Remove the registrar lock on the domain if not, the transfer will not go through. ” If the status says “locked,” you need to unlock it before proceeding with the transfer.
  4. Also, ensure the ID protection on the domain is removed.

Once you have done all these in place, Visit this link to place an order. Some domain transfers take 5-7 calendar days to be completed if the above-mentioned requirements are met. .NG extensions take 24 hours if the right EPP is provided

To make changes above, you must contact the registrar (the company you bought the domain from), to make necessary changes.

Expired Domains & Domains in Redemption

Domains can be transferred while they are expired, but not while in the redemption period. Although, when transferring an expired domain name, no updates can be provided to an expired domain. (So if you need to update your email address to a new email address, you will need to renew the domain name with the current registrar before you can update the information.)

While there is a possibility that transferring an expired domain will work, in most cases it will not because of one or more issues (such as being locked, outdated email address, etc.). If you wish to attempt to transfer it while expired, make sure you monitor the transfer carefully so that if it fails, you can renew it before it goes into redemption.

60 Day Rule

You cannot transfer a domain unless it has been at the current registrar for at least 60 days.

Renewal Less than 45 Days Ago

If you transfer a domain to us which has been renewed at the previous registrar less than 45 days ago, the domain will not receive an additional year when the transfer completes. If you transfer the domain after 45 days of renewing it, then you will receive an additional year added to your registration. This is a registry restriction and applies to all registrars.

If the domain is a .ng domain, it would take about 24 hours to complete the transfer after the order has been activated. If the domain is a non .ng domain however (e.g. .com), it would take about 5 calendar days to complete the transfer once the authorization link that is sent to the admin contact of the domain has been clicked.

As you know, ICANN has implemented a new Transfer Policy which affects all ICANN-accredited registrars. The Transfer Policy takes effect 1 December 2016.


Here are some of the key aspects that are part of the new Transfer Policy :

Inter-Registrar Transfers 

 A Form of Authorization, or FOA, is the email that is sent to the registered name holder when a domain transfer is initiated to approve the request. The FOA will now expire after 60 days if the transfer is not completed, unless we allow an automatic renewal and the registrant has expressly opted in to an automatic renewal.

● The FOA is void if the domain name expires before approval.

Inter-Registrant Transfers

● If a material change is made, we must collect consent from both the Prior Registrant and the New Registrant, prior to making the requested change, even if you represent both parties. A “material change” is a change in the name, company or email address listed for the registrant contact.

● If the Prior Registrant and New Registrant do not confirm the change within 60 days of the request, the change implementation will not proceed.

● Once both Prior and New Registrant parties agree to the requested contact changes, the information will be updated within 1 day after.

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