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How to access your webmail account via outlook

Here is a quick method of accessing your webmail emails via outlook.

If your email accounts have been created in your cpanel account already and you have been accessing your email via webmail, then you can decide to access the same email via outlook for quick and easier access. These following steps will help you.

If you are using windows operating systems be it any version, outlook already comes with it but should in case you don’t have outlook or you use other operating systems like Mac OS or Linux OS, you can decide to install outlook.

Once outlook has been installed on your system, follow the following steps to configure outlook so you can easily access your emails.

Go to the windows search icon, search for outlook

Click on outlook

Click on add account

Enter your Full name (e.g Ebenezer Dare)

Enter your email address (

Enter password

Re-enter password

Click on Next

Click Finish

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